Why is Trump taking Hydroxychloroquine?

The tabloids this week picked up on the loss of sense of taste and smell as one of the cover symptoms.

As a practitioner we have long looked at the correlation of the loss of taste and sense of smell with low levels of the mineral zinc.

Zinc is a key nutrient when it comes to immune response, how we respond to inflammation and mucousal membrane lining. All key actions to prevent infection of Covid 19 and in the case of infection, severity of symptoms.

So what is the link to the malarial drug hydroxychloroquine?

Hydroxychloroquine is a zinc ionophore, meaning it a transports zinc INTO the cell thereby helping fight the infection, it prevents its viral replication.

Quercitin is a natural zinc ionophore which is why during allergy season giving the two nutrients together can be so helpful for so many to reduce symptoms naturally.

1 in 6 of us are low in zinc which could be why we see such a variety in people’s response to the fight against Covid and severity of symptoms. Along side key nutrients that support mucosal membrane which rely on zinc too, absorption of vitamin.

Foods rich in zinc are chicken, eggs, pumpkin seeds and one of the highest are oysters!

If you wish to explore your zinc levels contact Susie to discover how!