Cauliflower Wheat Free Pizza Base

The beauty of this base is that it is grain free.  Cauliflower is often disliked by picky eaters so this is a good way to hide this very beneficial vegetable.  For dairy free option just avoid all cheese or use goat/sheep feta instead if tolerated.  Use lots of fresh herbs, basil is very calming so supportive for many children.  Adding oily fish increases good fats for brain function and olives/capers increases fermented foods for gut health.


  • 1 head of cauliflower, break into florets and steam for 15 minutes or until tender.
  • ¾ cup cold pressed olive oil
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 – 3 cups of fresh buffalo mozzarella, shredded
  • choice of toppings: clean nitrate free/gluten free ham/grass fed ground beef/anchovies/smoked salmon/prosciutto/olives/capers
  • homemade tomato sauce or use tomato paste
  • fresh herbs, basil, oregano to taste
  • ¼ cup grated Parmesan (optional)


Turn oven to 180C/350F.

Steam the cauliflower and let it drain.  Mash until consistency of mashed potato, aim to avoid any chunks!  Add ¼ cup of the olive oil, eggs, and 1 cup mozzarella.

Lightly oil a lined pizza pan or large rimmed baking sheet.

Pour the cauliflower mixture onto the pizza pan and press the dough into flat pizzalike shape no more than ½ inch thick, making it higher at the edges.

Bake for 20 mins.

If using grass fed ground meat cook now in small amount of butter, garlic, herbs as desired.

Remove the pizza “crust” from the oven and spread over your homemade tomato sauce or if using bought tomato paste, remaining mozzarella, vegetables, and favourite toppings.

Drizzle with the remaining olive oil, and sprinkle with Parmesan.

Bake until the mozzarella melts, 10-15 minutes.

Adapted from William Davis, Wheat Belly.