Raw Nori Rolls GF/DF

This is a fabulous lunch as it is a wrap without the wheat!

Great fun to do with kiddies there is no rule, put in any shredded veggies and strips of protein!

Seaweed boosts the thyroid, humus (chickpeas) aid hormone balance, and the abundance of raw vegetables increases your anti-oxidants!


  • Nori Sheet s depending on how hungry you are! 1-2
  • Finely chopped cucumber
  • Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Finely chopped red pepper
  • Avocado slices
  • Carrots very finely chopped
  • Hummus
  • Option chopped Shitake mushrooms massaged in Tamari/lemon juice
  • Wasabi paste as per your taste
  • Tamari for dipping


  • Place the nori sheet vertically on a chopping board, if you have a sushi roll mat, place under nori sheet.
  • At the base, a good first inch of your sheet (where rice would normally go!) place the hummus about 1 tsp full.
  • Then start adding finely chopped crudités on top with the alfalfa, avocado mushrooms, pile high and to your taste!
  • Across the rest of the sheet you can paint a little wasabi.
  • Now to rolling!  If you have a mat pick up the end near to you and tuck tightly to cover the salad/humus.  By hand is also fine.
  • Once you have made the first roll, keep rolling until you have about 1cm left at end of sheet.
  • Using your finger or brush go along the edge with water so that you can seal the roll a little water on the outside also helps seal!
  • Now you can cut your roll and serve with some extra salad and tamari for dipping.


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