Coconut Kefir GF/DF

The more fermented foods we eat and drink the more we support and protect our gut flora.  So the message is to get fermenting!

Kefir is so much more potent than commercial probiotics and due to refrigeration and processed foods we have forgotten this vital foundation to our health.  Fermented foods are sour tasting and if we bring our children up on fermented foods they crave sugar less, they are happier healthier children.

This recipe really is very quick and easy to make, children enjoy it too as the natural fermenting creates gas, so the drink is naturally fizzy!

You need: a thermometer, an insulated cool bag.


  • 4 young coconuts – approx. 900ml coconut water
  • 1 sachet of kefir starter from Body Ecology or iherb


Empty the coconut water into a jug to measure 900ml.

Pour the coconut water through a sieve as you pour into a pan.

Gently start heating and keep your thermometer in the pan as the temperature will reach 33C within a few minutes.  Remove from heat once you have reached 33C.  You can also just measure with a clean finger and for the water to feel tepid/neutral.

Empty the kefir starter sachet into an air tight clean glass jar.  Then pour over the warmed coconut water.

Option to add a handful of Goji berries at this point to increase anti-oxidants also makes a nice ruby coloured Kefir.  I sometimes add probiotics to increase the strength focusing on LGG or a broad strain probiotic.

Place the jar into your sealed insulated bag.  Temp inside the bag should be roughly 22-24C.

Leave for 36 hrs.  Best to make Kefir morning or evening so you are not checking your Kefir in the middle of the night/day!

Once fermented should be a nice milky colour and fizzy.

Place in the fridge and drink 20-30ml with each meal.

After day 3 option to make a transfer culture for your next batch of Kefir.

Use 1/3 cup of your ready made Coconut Kefir

900 ml fresh coconut water.

Follow the same process as above but add your 1/3cup to warmed coconut water rather than your kefir starter.

Experiment with ginger too instead of Goji Berries. With the young flesh make ‘raw chocolate mousse’ or ‘coconut yoghurt’- see recipe on website.

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