Ensure liver function is good reduce coffee, no alcohol and add in bitter foods to support bile flow

  • Turmeric is wonderful at supporting the liver and reducing inflammation alongside ginger
  • Taking a good quality fish oil to aid hormone balance 
  • Methylation pathways are working supporting with methylBs and diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables 
  • Good Bile Flow to remove toxins out of the body on waking drink warm water with lemon, juicing celery, radish into salads, fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, leeks and asparagus make a wonderful soup and support bile flow. Carrots encourage secretion of bile too. 
  • Organic apples, pectin in the skin is wonderful at aiding detox 
  • Good gut flora your microbiome is key in hormonal balance, eat fermented foods, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut and kefir 
  • Eat more broccoli and broccoli sprouts 
  • Beetroot supports the liver and wonderful in salads, roasted or steamed
  • No symptoms of bloating, or irregular bowel movements, running a stool test digs deeper if digestion is an issue or history of antibiotics, taking the PILL, pharmaceuticals and anti inflammatories all have a negative impact on the gut and the gut flora 
  • Remove all plastic containers, water bottles, stop using cling film, aluminium foil, choose clean care products Green People, Dr Organic to name a few, shower gels without parabens, sulphates, and PEGS. 
  • Only put on your body what you would eat! If you don’t understand the label don’t use it!
  • Aluminium free deodorant
  • Clean cookware, stainless, ceramic, glass or Green cookware which is TEFLON free. 
  • Filter your water and consider a chlorine free shower head or whole house filtration. 
  • Say no to throw away coffee cups the lining is toxic to your hormones, choose a bamboo or other non toxic material to have your daily coffee or even better herbal tea! 
  • If a coffee lover think organic water filtered coffee and no more than one a day as a hormone disruptor and may stress your adrenals 
  • Aim not to handle shop receipts, they are full of Bisphenol A, a hormone disrupter. Check the amount but no need to handle! Its toxic! 
  • Toxins disrupt the communication system as think of hormones delivering messages thoughout the body 
  • Hormones run our brain, due to more hormone altering chemicals we are now getting  Alzheimer like changes in young brains we need to detox as part of our daily life. 
  • The Egg and sperm are very high in fat, they are lyophilic, the body hides toxins in fat cells, aim to detox prior to conception to prevent passing on your toxins to your children. 

It has never been such a challenge for us to eat clean, drink clean water and to live a life which is toxic free. However you can begin to make small changes to reduce the toxic load for our children, as mothers we are great givers of our toxic metals so the more you can do before conception the less likely you are to pass on these toxic metals.

  • Safe removal of amalgam fillings only using a dentist who is experienced in this to keep you safe. 
  • Begin to add in supplemental chlorella and spirulina to your morning smoothie or in capsule form
  • Add in dulse seaweed to your salads or soup stocks to pull out toxins. 
  • Practice dry skin brushing to boost your lymphatic flow
  • Exercise and sweat more!
  • Invest in an infrared sauna
  • Boost your glutathione levels, glutathione orchestrates detox, it is the most powerful anti oxidant. 
  • Eat a diet high in fibre and bursting with anti oxidants 
  • Use a charcoal based binder to pull toxins form the gut, using liposomal zeolite and increasing glutathione all help to boost detox of toxic metals 
  • Supplementing with vitamin c and Alpha Lipoic Acid 

Are you out of balance? 

Can you blame it on your genes? The metabolism of hormones and balance of hormones is multi-layered. We need good sleep, clean food, junk free diet, toxic free environment and our genes our DNA needs to be expressed in a healthy way and is impacted by all of the above, so do not blame your health on your genes but our gene expression our EPIGENTICS. 

Folic acid is the artificial form of B9, the natural form is folate and the active form, the form that is immediately used by the body is methylfolate.  

The artificial form is everywhere, as the food industry has used it to fortify foods, in cheap supplements and ante natal formulas, it is unnatural and it has NO use to your body in this form, in short folic acid is toxic. 

It has a negative impact on the expression of the MTHFR gene.  The testing on this one gene SNP has exploded in recent years and it is the environmental impact on this gene that is causing so many problems. Miscarriages, birth defects and infertility to name a few. The trouble is we are bombarded by folic acid in foods, breads and cereals are all fortified with folic acid and in this form folic acid is harming us. We cannot process folic acid and unmetabolised folic acid causes imbalances in the body. It blocks the receptor site where natural folate needs to get into your cell. In this way folic acid blocks methylation.

If you have been given a vitamin pill with folic acid in it please dispose of it if you read supplements of foods with folic acid make other choices! 

Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in the natural form of folate, methylfolate the form the body knows how to use which supports methylation pathways supports our innate detoxification. 

WHY? Because plant based folate, active folate donates a methyl group that folic acid cannot.

In the rise of processed foods, longevity of foods, extending shelf life the outer nutritious part of the grain was milled out, steel ground flour no longer stone ground, the active folate removed and instead replaced by adding the toxic form folic acid, no methyl group, no use to the body. 

Signs you may have a compromised methylation: 

Pre-eclampsia, anxiety, brain fog, irritability, poor tolerance of alcohol. Low WBC count, IVF interventions, one or more child on autism spectrum birth defects, hypo thyroid, menstrual cramping and clots, folate and B12 elevated in blood tests, miscarriages, post partum depression, male infertility, high blood pressure, asthma to name a few. 

DITCH the processed grains, corn, enriched cereals choose clean healthy whole grains instead, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, organic oats and traditional stone ground flour not enriched with folic acid. 

  • Eat a diet rich in dark green leafy vegetables
  • Eat a diet rich on wholegrains
  • Avoid all supplements with folic acid 
  • Switch to ante natal formulas that use methyl folate
  • Further support with supplements you may wish to have a consultation with Susie to address your unique needs  
  • Running a homocysteine blood test is a good way to ensure that your methyl-folate pathways are working correctly. 
  • Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Ensure you get adequate sleep away from EMF and mobile phones 
  • Support healthy gut flora 
  • Eat a diet rich in anti oxidants 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol 
  • Switch to green tea and herbal teas 
  • Rest and exercise in balance 

May happen due to oestrogen dominance 

  • Low zinc levels due to years of taking the Pill also we live in a copper dominant world
  • Notice a shorter cycle or irregular cycle 
  • Low mood may be a symptom of low levels and imbalances 
  • Poor connection with others, yes progesterone is boosted by connectivity our modern day texting is not communication and the great disconnect effects our hormones, effecting our brain health too. 
  • Authentic connection hugging, laughter increases progesterone 
  • PMS, breast tenderness, sugar craving all signs hormones our out of synch, skin changes and constipation prior to your period. 
  • Low sex drive, sex increase testosterone levels it is key to have healthy intimacy for healthy hormones 
  • Use of the contraceptive Pill 
  • Adrenal and thyroid stress effect the dance of hormones 
  • Insomnia especially prior to your period but poor sleep has a major knock on with your adrenal glands cortisol remains dominant 
  • Hair loss and thinning also related to hypo thyroid issues 
  • Changes in appetite 
  • Not coping with stress, flying off the handle! 
  • Poor sleep difficulty in falling asleep or waking at night 
  • Reduce stress becoming easily anxious or sugar craving 
  • Eat healthy essential fats to balance blood sugar to feel full for longer and to balance hormone level, fats heal, fats are your hormone friend. Daily flaxseed, 1tbs, sesame seeds and chia seeds aid hormone balance and removal of toxic hormones 
  • Eat a diet rich in zinc, pumpkin seeds, chicken, eggs and oysters are the highest form of zinc a great conception food!