Top ten tips for a healthier you

  1. Golden rule is “no whites” this means avoiding the refined foods that cause the blood sugar roller-coaster ride causing weight and energy issues imbalances.  Best to avoid all gluten grains.
  2. Always eat breakfast, kick starting your metabolism in the morning is vital.
  3. Eat protein at every meal, this may include raw nuts and seeds, eggs, beans, pulses as well as meat and fish.  Balance your blood sugar maintain focus and prevent sugar cravings.
  4. Go green, the body needs to be alkaline, to avoid disease and inflammation, fill half your plate with vegetables/salad.
  5. Think Colour!  A medley of oranges, reds, purples helps the body fight against toxins.
  6. Reduce inflammation, this means reducing acid forming foods such as dairy, wheat and sugar.  Think twice before ordering that latte!
  7. Flood your body with Essential fatty acids, these are anti-inflammatory, balance hormones, support brain function/mood, reduce weight, eat oily fish at least x 2 a week, snack on raw nuts and seeds.
  8. 70% of your immunity comes from your digestive flora, they are an army synthesising vitamins, protecting against the bad bacteria.  Protect the good bacteria, stress, alcohol, antibiotics, medications disrupt this fragile balance.  Eat fermented foods such as homemade kefir, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh and natto.  Taking a probiotic is a good idea.
  9. Keep hydrated, sometimes hunger can be misconstrued for thirst, drink 8 glasses of water a day/herbal teas.
  10. Take time to eat, overeating happens when we are not concentrating on actually eating!  Take time away from your desk, chew slowly it’s a function of digestion, and allow the body to tell you when its full!