Raise your immunity

Lets focus on preventing the virus entering our body. This lies in the importance of nourishing our mucousal immunity.

The entry of the virus into our body is through the mucousal immunity.

No 1 enemy to the mucousa is stress let’s not help the virus gain entry to our body! Aim to reduce stress these coming weeks, prioritise sleep, healthy eating & exercise but be careful not to over excercise as this stresses the body.

Nutrients to keep our mucousal barrier healthy vitamin A, especially retinol, think liver & colourful yellow & orange coloured foods for vegetarian sources of beta carotene. Vitamin D, cruciferous vegetables rich in Indole 3 Carbinole especially found in broccoli & broccoli sprouts! Eat your broccoli ?!

The best “vaccine”is boosting your mucousal cell membrane.

This week when many of us are starting home schooling let’s focus on what we can do.

Our  immune cells love nutrients a good diet improves good immune function.

Vitamin C to boost our fight!

Probiotic rich foods to support our gut, vitamin E & vitamin D.

Think colour to gain more understanding & support NHS follow link below to receive the recording to latest webinar!


Yours in good health ????