Progesterone Imbalance

May happen due to oestrogen dominance 

  • Low zinc levels due to years of taking the Pill also we live in a copper dominant world
  • Notice a shorter cycle or irregular cycle 
  • Low mood may be a symptom of low levels and imbalances 
  • Poor connection with others, yes progesterone is boosted by connectivity our modern day texting is not communication and the great disconnect effects our hormones, effecting our brain health too. 
  • Authentic connection hugging, laughter increases progesterone 
  • PMS, breast tenderness, sugar craving all signs hormones our out of synch, skin changes and constipation prior to your period. 
  • Low sex drive, sex increase testosterone levels it is key to have healthy intimacy for healthy hormones 
  • Use of the contraceptive Pill 
  • Adrenal and thyroid stress effect the dance of hormones 
  • Insomnia especially prior to your period but poor sleep has a major knock on with your adrenal glands cortisol remains dominant 
  • Hair loss and thinning also related to hypo thyroid issues 
  • Changes in appetite 
  • Not coping with stress, flying off the handle! 
  • Poor sleep difficulty in falling asleep or waking at night 
  • Reduce stress becoming easily anxious or sugar craving 
  • Eat healthy essential fats to balance blood sugar to feel full for longer and to balance hormone level, fats heal, fats are your hormone friend. Daily flaxseed, 1tbs, sesame seeds and chia seeds aid hormone balance and removal of toxic hormones 
  • Eat a diet rich in zinc, pumpkin seeds, chicken, eggs and oysters are the highest form of zinc a great conception food!