Melatonin levels is this why children are less vulnerable to Covid-19?

Melatonin is our sleep hormone and also acts at higher levels as a major anti oxidant, a cell protector.

When we are young our levels are much higher,  children aged 1-5 years have six times the amount of an adult over 65 years old, as we age our production lowers and recent research looks at this being another aspect of why the young seem largely immune to Covid 19.

What can we do?

Protect your melatonin! Avoid blue light at least one hour before bed, eat serotonin rich foods, oats, turkey, chickpeas, salmon and eggs. If you find sleep evades you due to stress, boost melatonin with tart cherry and magnesium. Part of the consideration for melatonins protection is its reduction in inflammatory pathways by eating a Mediterranean style diet rich in healthy fats, colourful fruits and vegetables lean protein all plays a part in a healthy immune response.