Puja Bansal, digestion and weight loss

Susie Rucker changed my life forever.  My whole outlook on food and nourishing my body has changed for the better and I cannot praise her enough for helping me make this change in my life.  Prior to seeing Susie, I felt like I constantly battled with weight and bloating issues, which I no longer have due to her recommendation of a gluten free diet.  Susie is very thorough with her explanation and is very passionate about eating healthy and feeling good.  Best of all, she gives you amazing recipes and you no longer feel like you have to just eat just salads and fruit in order to be healthy.  I had so many issues with my menstrual cycles due to stress of taking care of a toddler, lack of energy and adrenal fatigue but since seeing her, all that has gotten better and I’m so much happier and healthier and more importantly I understand how food can affect you in good and bad ways.  I have only great words for Susie and have recommended her to many of my friends including my husband.  I no longer feel like maintaining a healthy diet is difficult as it has become a lifestyle change for me.