Pauline Loftus-Hills, immune and fatigue

I booked in to see Susie on recommendation from a friend.  I had been sick with mycoplasma on and off again for months.  I knew it had done my stomach and body no favours but was really at a loss of how to fix it the issues post so many rounds of antibiotics.  I was in a constant state of fatigue – waking up most mornings feeling jet-lagged.  I had done a few things to help myself like a cleanse, more sleep and a healthy diet.  When I went to Susie I had lost patience with not winning against the fatigue.

What I respected most about Susie’s approach was how methodical and systematic she was in getting to the root cause.  Her approach had science behind it and her testing and research nailed the underlying issue causing my fatigue.  She got my on the right track to mend myself and was very forthcoming with useful tips, recipes and encouragement.  I am very grateful for her approach and follow up which sees me now waking refreshed in the morning!