Paul Atkinson, sinus and allergies

For several years I have suffered with sinus allergies.  In addition I had started to gain weight in my mid-section and was feeling tired and lacking in energy.  On a friend’s recommendation I visited Susie Rucker.  Together we reviewed my lifestyle, my diet and my exercise routine.

I also took a mineral test, which showed a severe imbalance of essential minerals.  Susie worked with me on my diet to eliminate foods to which I showed intolerance and to introduce whole foods and supplements that would help me regain my balance.  After several months my allergies have reduced dramatically and I have regained my energy levels.  Also I have lost a few kilograms in weight.

Susie’s approach is professional and based on a very thorough analysis of her client’s needs and an understanding of nutrition and its effect on the body.

She shares her knowledge with enthusiasm.  She is also a great source of tasty, yet nutritionally balanced, meal recipes.