Patricia Driver, complex digestive issues

I highly recommend Susie Rucker as a nutritionist.  For years I had been dealing with stomach issues that doctors had been unable to treat and then had a negative reaction to a couple of medications.  After a range of tests, Susie diagnosed various vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as food sensitivities.  I was prescribed a number of supplements and we made a wholesale diet change: out went gluten, all dairy, white rice and pasta, and most sugar.  This new way of eating might have been difficult if not for Susie’s ability to explain everything thoroughly as well as her practical help in the form of delicious recipes and where to source organic and quality ingredients.  In addition to my own improved health, my whole family has benefitted.

Susie takes a thorough approach, listening carefully to the client and making sure she has a clear understanding of all past health treatments and issues.  She is empathetic and supportive, and her passion for what she does shines through.