Mother of 2 boys

I can’t thank you enough for ending years of so called IBS symptoms, fobbed off by GPs numerous times, told to ‘lower my stress levels’ and left to struggle on. I’m so glad that I decided to do the lab tests with you, and I wish I had known about this sooner. Finding out that I had H-pylori bacteria as the cause of these aggravations, that were in fact stomach ulcers was a revelation. As predicted by you, my GP prescribed 2 lots of antibiotics, but I am incredibly grateful that you were able to eradicate the H-pylori without using this strong antibiotic treatment (my GP was also thrilled as H-pylori is building up antibiotic resistance!). It’s been an amazing life-changing treatment for which I am eternally grateful. The other aspects of your treatment plan have also boosted my immune system, successfully eradicated mouth ulcers and other minor health niggles that the GP could not, which has also been life changing. I wish that everyone had access to your expertise!