Mieke De Schepper, thyroid and weight loss

I highly recommend Susie Rucker as a nutritionist.  She is very knowledgeable and listens to you and tries to find what will work for you in your lifestyle and with your food preferences.  After many years of struggling with my weight, and even bigger problems after I had my second baby (none of the extra gained kilo’s would go and I was constantly tired) while eating quite healthy and working out regularly bit, it was a relief to find out that it had to do with issues in my digestion that had spiraled down to a very slow state due to many reasons.

Over the period of a year we did a slow reset (detox) of my digestion, and Susie relentlessly tried to figure out what was not working well and adjusted the approach throughout the year.  We found ways to embed my lifestyle (many business dinners, flights etc.) into my diet and to help my body to recover from these impactful events.  Over the period of a year I lost a lot of weight (>20% of my weight), felt much more energetic, my skin improved and I just feel much healthier.

She helped me to make some simple tweaks in my diets, and I never really felt being on a diet, just eating in a different way.  Her knowledge has given me a lot of insight in the type of food we eat and should eat.  She gives good recommendations for resources to food and supplements.