Meagan Douglas, Hashimotos

I first approached Susie after I was diagnosed with my third autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto’s Disease) in September 2011.  She listened carefully and thoughtfully to the description of my health concerns.  Her knowledge of nutrition and it’s impact on human health is deep and authentic.  She is a consummate professional who took the time to explain her diagnosis and the steps I needed to take to change the way I was feeling – physically, emotionally.  I made the changes she recommended, followed her nutritional advice and my life restored itself.  I continue to follow Susie’s recommendations and as a result, I feel better than I have in years.  I would recommend Susie for any ailment and/or changes one would like to adopt in their lives.  The depth of her knowledge and passion for making people better resonates through every consultation she does.  On top of her fantastic advice and her understanding of the human body, she has delicious recipes and suggestions for things to create in your kitchen!!  Overall, Susie leaves a long-lasting impression on all of her clients.