Marianne Black, complex child 4yr old, digestion and eczema

I first made contact with Susie in September 2011 as my 4 year old son was suffering from digestive problems that was causing him to endure 24 hour cycles of severe vomiting every couple of weeks.  His behaviour had also become increasingly erratic.  Although the doctors I had consulted regarding this as normal, I certainly didn’t.  Susie recommended that my son was tested – the food intolerance test and hair mineral analysis.  These revealed high intolerances to certain foods and high toxicity in his blood and low mineral levels.  Susie was able to explain the meaning of all these tests so I could understand what was happening to him and recommended a diet (including supplements) which would repair his digestive system.  My son’s vomiting stopped pretty much as soon as we made the changes to his diet and after a year, his intolerances had gone.

My daughter and second son also suffered from eczema and again through the same testing, Susie was able to identify a similar pattern of food intolerances, high toxicity in their blood and low mineral levels.  They were also then put on a similar diet to my son and within months their eczema was gone.

Susie has a profound knowledge of nutrition and particularly in terms of children – she has always gone to great efforts to explain in layman terms what has been happening.  She has always been extremely professional and been very supportive.  Although the changes Susie recommended were daunting for a mother of three young children, she was proactive in suggesting meal plans, recipes and has wonderful ideas to enhance their diet.

Susie opened up the world of nutrition to me and I have never looked back.  Although none of the children have any health issues now, I would never go back to the way we used to eat.  My children have never been healthier, enjoy the food I prepare for them and it has given me great satisfaction to be able to help them in this way.  I genuinely feel indebted to Susie for her advice and support over the last couple of years.