Lori Cucinotta, chronic fatigue

I first went to Susie because I was extremely low in energy and wasn’t feeling too well, I was practically burnt out!  I knew something wasn’t right.  I knew it would take some time to feel better and I was willing to do what was required of me.  Susie is very thorough in what she does.  The blood test along with the hair test that she did, had us find out what the problems were and where they were stemming from.  Susie knew exactly what needed to be done.  After taking the supplements required, along with the food I was to have as well as avoid, my energy levels have come back and I am feeling strong and energetic.  This took some time, I’m back to my normal self again and I reached what we were aiming for.

I highly recommend Susie as a nutritionist.  She is very professional, she has an abundance of knowledge and she can help you with whatever dietary/nutritional needs that are best suited for you as an individual.