Liz Zhang, sinus, allergy, immune

I went to see Susie with some non-critical but pestering ailments that I had picked up over the last couple years.  I had bad sinuses and was always blowing my nose.  It felt like I was going through a box of tissues per day.  I also lacked energy and was always catching colds.

I had always been a careful eater, trying to make healthy choices when I could, but Susie introduced me to the concept of food intolerances, explaining the idea of delayed internalised reactions to foods.  Who knew that a runny nose could be related to an intolerance to certain foods?  I had never suffered from any food allergies but Susie recommended I get tested for food intolerances as well as mineral deficiencies and turns out I had a number of food intolerances (Soy, Eggs, Pineapples, just to name a few!) as well as high levels of mercury in my system.

Susie suggested I cut out the highly intolerant foods from my diet for a few months at least and also prescribed a course of vitamins/minerals in order to help detox my body.  Since our visit, I have noticed an improvement to my sinuses and am feeling more energetic in general.  Susie had lots of good advice/suggestions for lifestyle/diet changes.

I love the recipes she printed out and definitely ask her about the seed jar!  It was one of my favourite Susie ideas.