Kirsty Willows, digestive issues child

I first went to see Susie with my youngest daughter Isla when she was 18 months old, knowing that I needed help to restore her health and maximise growth and development.  Isla’s digestive system and overall immune system had been severely impacted by antibiotics and continual eye infections, as a result I knew that we needed to work out why she was not doing as well as her her older siblings.  As a mother of 4 young children I had always thought I gave my children a balanced diet and never had to worry about allergies and intolerances or having to avoid certain foods to optimise one’s health.  I had never been a believer of diets, however through Susie’s thorough and methodical scientific approach to examining Isla’s diet and wellbeing we have been able to restore her digestive system and boost her immune system.  We now have a very happy and healthy little girl who bless her heart is more than happy to eat homemade quinoa bread, avocados and nuts as an everyday snack.

It has been a challenging journey, especially when its difficult to explain to a 2 year old why you can’t eat that cupcake or chocolate biscuit at a birthday party, but the changes we have made to Isla’s diet to restore and maintain a healthy disposition has been so worth it.

Thank you Susie for working so closely with Isla and encouraging me to stick with the programme and not give up!  I am ever grateful and you have changed my whole perspective on my family’s diet and wellbeing forever!