Hanlie Bekker, digestive issues

My “insides” (physical body) is saying thank you for the change of diet.  I left your office Friday just before lunch, and decided to implement immediately what you shared at this stage.  No dairy, no carbohydrates and including the supplements I took from you.

After 2 meals on Friday, a nights rest, breakfast, I went through Saturday morning with the most pleasant feeling, it felt as if I had been given a hug on the inside.  I did not get my 9.00am starved feeling, in fact I had to tell myself at lunch time, it is now time to eat again.  The starved feeling mid morning or other times usually is accompanied with dizziness and if I do not eat something quickly it results in a terrible headache accompanied by nausea.  I could not believe that I could feel a difference so soon!

Tomorrow will be one week, since change of diet and I have already dropped 3kg in weight, that is an added bonus. I do not lose weight easily, so that is quite an achievement for me.

Thank you very much for the recipes and information shared, I appreciate it.