Georgie Payne, mother of boy a complex picky eater

Susie has been our nutritionist for three years. She has helped both my husband and I, but on a very regular basis she has helped our five and a half year old son. Our son would not be healthy, thriving and growing without her help. We are grateful for her experience, expertise, dedication, patience, empathy and understanding. We highly recommend Susie to anyone, but especially to families who have children who are failing to thrive for whatever reason. Our son contracted MRSA and after this he refused to eat. Susie has helped us support our son by ensuring that he is getting the nutrients he needs through food powders and an extensive array of supplements. Susie uses gut tests to check for parasites, harmful bacteria, mineral and vitamin levels and gut flora. Through these results she has made sure that our son is getting the correct supplements and help he needs. She has also done the same for my husband and I and has also provided food recipes and eating plans for us to follow over the years. Susie has an amazing amount of knowledge and she is totally dedicated to finding the right nutrition and supplements to help. She is extremely creative in her approach especially when faced with children who refuse to eat and she does not give up on finding a way to help. Susie is very responsive, willing to talk or email at short notice and help in any way she can. We left the UK and live in another country now and the level of care and service she has provided us is still the same – outstanding. No time zone stops Susie from being on call to help. She really is practically one of the family.