Brooke Hill, complex immune

I am truly impressed with Susie’s knowledge of biochemistry and her ability to understand how the body processes and uses nutrients.  She can identify which nutrients are missing, or not being absorbed properly or how nutrients might bind to something else and be taken out of the system.  She gets to the root of the problem and explains it patiently to you.  Often, Susie figures out the source of the problem before you have any tests (hair, CDSA, bloods etc) done.

I took both my children to see Susie for tummy aches, distended tummy, constipation, sleep disruptions and headaches.  Susie helped us understand that this was caused by gut dysbiosis, food intolerances, mineral/vitamin deficiencies, anxiety, mercury, and high copper.  Then I saw her for myself with symptoms including visual auras, chronic neck pain, unrestful sleep, and lack of dream recall.  We healed our bodies through dietary changes and supplementation to support digestion and removal of toxins.  After we saw such positive results, I was able to convince my husband to Susie as well!

Susie is very considerate and wants to make sure only quality supplements are used, especially for the children.  She gives you advice as to where you can source supplements anywhere in the world and supplies you with her own recipes for getting the right nutrition into the whole family.  She has a holistic approach and explains the mind-body connection and can recommend other therapists who can add value to your treatment.  She works closely with top Biomedical Doctors, attends global conferences and is an expert in her field, and finds time to answer your emails.