Working with Susie was one of the best decisions I took for my long term health.  She is able to highlight hidden deficiencies or issues before they become an apparent problem and give invaluable advice on how to improve your symptoms and wellbeing both with lifestyle, diet and supplements. I started my journey with her about a year ago and am thrilled to see considerable improvements in clinical test results no longer am I in auto immune thyroid and free from negative symptoms. Thank you Susie!!

I just wanted to touch base to say since taking the supplements etc, I’ve experienced minimal period cramps. This has been the case for my last two cycles one of which i started and completed a mild IVF cycle with minimal side effects and great results for our frozen embryos.

I just wanted to thank you because my periods have always been so painful. I feel more informed when advocating for my body especially with the fertility consultant. I am now heading for a natural transfer with all that I’ve put in place from your knowledge along with accupuncture support to allow my body and hormones to do what they were made to do.

Our daughter had a collection of what I thought were completely random and frightening symptoms, which did not come on suddenly, they slowly built over a matter of months: Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate, hyperactivity, brain speeding up, depression, lack of appetite to name a few and she was changing before our eyes. Within a few minutes of my appointment with Susie she knew, correctly, we were looking at PANS/PANDAS. That initial diagnosis from Susie saved us valuable time, some people take years to get the correct diagnosis as the majority of GPs/doctors do not recognise this condition. We continue to work along side Susie plus a PANDAS doctor.

Susie’s thorough tests and approach has meant our daughter has improved dramatically. We identified the root cause of her illness was from mould, confirmed in a urine test and in 5 months with Susie’s guidance we have cleared her body entirely from mould. Susie’s knowledge is phenomenal and she tailors the supplements to the child. Our daughter had had enough of taking capsules, which was worrying me, but it didn’t matter – Susie came up with a plan which included smoothies, patches, drops, creams and powders. If I am having a panic about something Susie answers my emails with a good suggestion. She is helping me along this PANS/PANDAS journey, which is a daunting one, but I feel hugely well supported by her incredible expertise and would NOT hesitate to recommend her to anyone on the PANS/PANDAS journey. Her gentle nature means you never feel judged even when you are explaining a symptom which is so out of character and alien to your child’s normal behaviour.

Rucker Nutrition changed my daughter’s life.  Olivia had very limited peripheral vision (19 degrees of vision) which did not open up fully despite light therapy.  The Behavioural Optometrist advised this was due to anxiety. Susie tested her vitamin D levels and despite having taken supplements since she was 3 years old, (she was 11 when tested) the results were critically low.  Olivia also regularly woke at night with unexplained anxiety.  Following Susie’s advice, Olivia became gluten free. Within a month she was sleeping through the night, within 8 months her vision opened up fully, and her vitamin D levels are normal.  Susie’s advice gave our black cloud platinum lining.  It is hard to express how grateful we are.

Going to Susie was the best decision I’ve made in a while. I’ve been having issues with my thyroid (hashimoto’s) for the last couple of years and the conventional medical system had nothing to offer to help. It’s only been a couple of months since I first met with Susie and after some testing and implementing her suggestions I have already felt the fatigue lifting and myself feeling happier and closer to how I was feeling when I was in my early 20s. I’m sure I have still way to go but I am extremely positive for the future!